Trucking & parking has been in our families for decades. Anthony’s late uncle, was a Teamster for many years and also owned a truck parking facility in a south suburb of Chicago. Anthony helped his uncle establish a digital footprint, increasing visibility for drivers to know where they could park. For Joshua, his brother drives truck still today. He has been a driver for over a decade and has continually shared his pain points in regards to parking and maintenance challenges he faces on the road. Anthony and Joshua were introduced at a local Chicago automobile dealership and from there the puzzle started coming together. The next day, they met at a local Panera restaurant to begin collaborating on ways to empower truck drivers and make the parking experience; simple and easy for drivers. Today, TruckPark, has grown to be the digital truck parking leader and the largest single platform where truck drivers find, reserve and pay for guaranteed safe parking in real time.

The TruckPark team continues to grow, expand and enhance the best experience for our customers; the truck drivers. Our company is much more than a platform, it’s a community. A community that makes a difference and empowers drivers. We are in it for the “long-haul”.


TruckPark Inc. is a values-based company driven by our mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience.” Our proposition is to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing a one-stop-shop application for truck drivers, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues.

  • Safety for our drivers
  • Driver Experience
  • Creating Efficiency for route planning

The TruckPark Team