Our Partnerships

Developing “community” is most important to us. In our community; there are our driver customers, strategic parking partners and integrated technology partners. Our integrated technology partnerships include freight matching companies and ELD’s. We share a vested interest in increasing operational safety and driver well-being when finding safe parking. 

TruckPark App
Real-time visibility of reserved and secure parking locations for Independent and O/O truck drivers.
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TruckPark Reserve
Fleets using TruckPark Reserve get instant access to managed parking in one place, automated payment processing and much more.
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TP Express (Coming Soon)
Stay tuned for more information about our latest products. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for more news.
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What We Offer

Market Visibility
We have a proven method that increases our parking partner's marketing strategy and visibility to attract drivers and increase their occupancy rates.
Financial Bottom-Line
Our platform sends truck drivers to our parking partners which maximizes revenues and production improving their financial bottom-line.
Maintenance Shops
We partner with maintenance shops across the country to deliver them our driver community directly through our platform.
Safety + Insurance
Safety is important to us. It is one of the pillars our company is built on. Creating truck drivers safety over the road, lowers risk to insurance companies saving money through less claims.
Data & Analytics
Provides partner's key metrics to measure productivity, effectiveness, revenue, utilization and user experience.
Membership Rewards
Partner's benefit from the exclusive point accumulation. Points directly correlate to the driver experience and lot utilization.