Our Partnerships

Developing “community” is most important to us. In our community; there are our driver customers, strategic lot partners and integrated technology partners. Our integrated technology partnerships include 3PL’s, freight matching companies and ELD’s. We share a vested interest in increasing safety, reduced stress when finding safe parking and maximizing revenues.

Driver Customers
Sign-up through our app and get access to secure parking lots nationwide and join a community second-to-none.
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Parking Partners
Our parking partners get access to a next generation parking lot management system proven to improve truck-spot inventories.
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Integrated Technology Partners
Our Integrated partners get access to our internal engineering team along with other cool technology related perks.
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What We Offer

Market Visibility
We have a proven method that increases our parking partner's marketing strategy and visibility to attract drivers and increase their occupancy rates.
Financial Bottom-Line
Our platform sends truck drivers to our parking partners which maximizes revenues and production improving their financial bottom-line.
Maintenance Shops
We partner with maintenance shops across the country to deliver them our driver community directly through our platform.
Safety + Insurance
Safety is important to us. It is one of the pillars our company is built on. Creating truck drivers safety over the road, lowers risk to insurance companies saving money through less claims.
Data & Analytics
Provides partner's key metrics to measure productivity, effectiveness, revenue, utilization and user experience.
Membership Rewards
Partner's benefit from the exclusive point accumulation. Points directly correlate to the driver experience and lot utilization.


Address: 2090B Jonesboro Rd. Atlanta, GA 30315
Lat/Long: 33.697975/-84.370869
Spots Available: 10
Price: $22.00
San Bernandino, CA
Address: 7N479 Dunham Rd Elgin, IL 60174
Lat/Long: 41.976742/ -88.268349                        
Spots Available: 20
Price: $20.00
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Address: 13636 South Western Avenue Blue Island, IL 60406
Lat/Long: 41.677513/-87.680724
Spaces Available: 10
Price: $20.00
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Address: 27551 S Frontage Rd Channahon, IL 60439
Lat/Long: 41.297727/-88.220825
Spaces Available: 150
Price: $20.00
Address: S Halsted St & W 43rd St Chicago, IL 60609
Lat/Long: 41.643024/-87.641518
Spots Available:
Price: $20.00

Address: S Halsted St & W 45th St Chicago, IL 60609
Lat/Long: 41.643024/-87.641518
Spots Available:
Price: $20.00
Address: S Lafayette Ave & W 85th St Chicago, IL 60620
Lat/Long: 41.7655/-87.626545
Spots Available:
Price: $20.00
Address: S State St & W Root St Chicago, IL 60609
Lat/Long: 41.04641/-73.543928
Spots Available:
Price: $20.00
Address: 201 Christina Drive East Dundee, IL 60118
Lat/Long: 42.092152/-88.249992
Spots Available: 10
Price: $20.00
Address: 271 E North Ave Glendale Heights, IL 60139
Lat/Long: 41.902011/-88.078154
Spots Available:
Price: $20.00
Address: 11645 Grand Ave Northlake, IL 60164
Lat/Long: 41.930480/-87.916670
Spot Available: 5
Price: $20.00
Address: 6401 W 46th St Forest View, IL 60402
Lat/Long: 41.82362/-87.78461
Spots Available: 200
Price: $20.00
Address: 3201 CenterPoint Way Joliet, IL 60436
Lat/Long: 41.51437/-88.10253
Spots Available: 100
Price: $20
Address: 9420 River St Schiller Park, IL 60176
Lat/Long: 41.970003/-87.863062
Spots Available: 12
Price: $30.00
Address: TBD Under Construction Richmond, KY 40475
Lat/Long: TBD
Spots Available:
Price: $20.00
Address: 61 North Hackensack Avenue South Kearny, NJ 07032
Lat/Long: 40.73442/-74.10124
Spots Available: 25
Price: $35.00
Address: 45-46 Court Square West, Long Island City, New York 11101
Lat/Long: 40.7462201/-73.9440204
Spots Available: 2
Price: $35.00
Address: 1545 W 130th St Hinckley, OH 44233
Lat/Long: 41.233837/-81.784787
Spots Available: 10
Price: $20.00
Address: 26 Truck Tech Way Shippensburg, PA 17257
Lat/Long: 40.04482/-77.544678                        
Spots Available: 75
Price: $10.00-$20.00
Address: 1353 Jarvis Rd Saginaw, Texas 76179
Lat/Long: 32.88187/-97.369803
Spots Available: 15
Price: $22