Josh Peterson
Truck Driver at Lipari Foods, LLC
Tested and used TruckPark to find parking from my the yard in Melrose Park, IL to Warren, MI. The app showed me the nearest parking lot and was able to get a parking spot immediately and my truck was safe.
Sarah O’Malley
Truck Driver at Star Trucking LLC
Used TruckPark to find overnight parking in South Kearney, NJ. Without the app, I resort to gas stations which are very unsafe. Finally there is a technology that navigates me safely to my location and keeps me safe.
Donte Wallace
Logistics Manager at Swordfish Transportation
As a logistics manager, I needed to send over our fleet of drivers to a new shipper. Several shippers in the past have asked the same question "where will your drivers park?". Until TruckPark, I had to let my drivers find their own parking. We lost money on idled trucks. TruckPark helped us save money and navigate to the nearest secure parking lot by our shippers.