Anthony Petitte
Anthony Petitte has a much-diversified portfolio in the SMB and Enterprise market. Before graduating from Kendall College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, he worked at a boutique technology firm building and optimizing internet startups. In his 6-year tenure as a Digital Marketer, he led the company to new altitudes bringing in over $1M in revenue and tens of thousands of web traffic month-over-month just at the age of 22. This led him to a successful career in executive search and business development where he worked for a Managed IT and Talent Acquisition firm in Chicago’s loop where he led teams overseas in Bangalore, India and executed a team of network engineers at fortune 500 manufacturing companies.

Now Anthony, 28, is extremely ambitious, ethical, and has a desire for facing challenges. He is passionate about solving every-day problems and hopes to change the game in his new venture, “TruckPark Inc.”, a startup that will empower truck drivers globally. Anthony serves as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of TruckPark Inc., In the last two years, he has grown the company from the founding team to a CTO, CGO and three advisors. He has secured contracts with Chicago parking tractor-trailer lots and executed strategic partnerships in the logistics and real-estate development space.