Shivani Mendez
Shivani Desai Mendez is addicted to start up life. Having had her first taste in 2004, she helped grow a 2-person office into a global company with thousands of employees. From there, she took on her most exciting and challenging role of all time as a Mom. During her time at home with her daughter, Shivani started several companies and currently serves as an Advisor to a company that grew from 0-100 employees in just two years and to another start-up that is on the cusp of achieving major milestones. Future endeavors for this lady include product development for several new concept ideas, writing the Great American Novel, and cooking better-than-restaurant-quality meals for friends and family.

Shivani is a compulsive reader, learner, listener, do-gooder, optimist, cheer-leader, truth teller and great person. Always willing to collaborate, Shivani loves to bounce ideas, solve problems and innovate, so don’t hesitate to ask to pick her brain and help put her Kellogg MBA to good use.

Shivani now serves as an advisor to TruckPark where she advises in a sales, business development and talent acquisition capacity.