Urgent Care Travel Centers

48% of professional drivers have a chronic condition (diabetes, hypertension, obesity) that restricts their Commercial Drivers License to 1 year or less. Due to the lack of convenient medical care on the road where drivers work, and the high costs of health insurance and medical care, many drivers cannot or do not take care of their chronic conditions as needed, not only impacting their ability to drive, but also resulting in:

     – Drivers spending thousands of dollars per year on avoidable medical costs

     – Drivers hauling less freight as they miss more loads and days of work

     – Trucking industry losing billions of dollars annually due to lost productivity

UrgentCareTravel (UCT), incorporating both telehealth services and walk-in medical clinics located at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, is the only medical clinic network focused on providing convenient and affordable health care for professional truck drivers and fleets. UCT Health focuses on Chronic Care Management (CCM) with its UCT Truckers Health Team, an affordable membership program that includes

– Dedicated Health Coaches, 

– Personalized Care Plans for chronic conditions (diabetes, hypertension, obesity

     – Nutrition, medical and activity guidance

     – Behavior modification tools

– No co-pay / no deductible telehealth and in-clinic services

– DOT Physicals

– Primary care services (illness, infections, annual physicals, etc.) 

– COVID-19 evaluation and testing

– and mail order pharmacy services. UCT Truckers Health Team can have a great impact on driver health, driver productivity, driver career longevity and fleet profitability.